Creative Entrepreneurs and partners,
including local growers and farms
that supply Asheville

Smith Mill Works takes pride in our diverse community of creative entreprenuers and partners, incluing local growers and farms that supply Asheville and the surrounding area with fresh food and unique products. Our partnerships focus on sustainable practices that engage community participation to grow wholesome food year-round that is provided at low cost to locals, improving health while nuturing small businesses.

Smith Mill Works energy usage is wind through Arcadia Energy and has offset the equivalent of 150 tons of CO2.

Our growers and tenants service well over 400 households and 60 restaurants on a weekly basis in the Asheville area.

Smith Mill Works has created over 50,000 square feet of greenhouse space into production without building a building.

Madco Farms

Madco Farms is a small sustainable farm specializing in growing heirloom vegetables, microgreens and mushrooms.

Growin Seasons

Growin Seasons’ specialty is farm to table local fresh flowers. They are currently growing edible flowers, chard, kale and succulents.

Asclepias Rex

Specializing in milkweed production, and focused only on native plants and local plant genetics, they represent the new ethic in gardening.

Asheville Fungi

Asheville Fungi offers fresh culinary and medicinal mushrooms to the local Western North Carolina community.

Sunburst Chef & Farmer

Specializes in growing using the best of hydroponics, aquaponics and soil-based techniques to raise edible flowers, seasonal produce and microgreens.

Serious Dog Farms

A local urban greenhouse in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Serious Dog Farms supplies Asheville with fresh produce via hydroponics.

Humble Horizons

Humble Horizons specializes in growing the most nutrient-rich, intensely flavored microgreens in the Asheville area and surrounding counties.

Lotus Urban Farm & Garden Supply

Living Only Through Urban Sustainability (LOTUS) is a local farm and garden supply store focused on innovative and sustainable methods of growing.

Terra Lingua Growers

Terra Lingua Growers is an agricultural company using strictly organic methods. Terra Lingua also manage production at Sweet Folly Farm in Etowah.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

“We have reduced Mother Earth Produce’s carbon footprint by acquiring lettuce mix
in the winter here locally vs. from California, over 2400 miles away.”
– Michael Klatt, President Smith Mill Works

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