Smith Mill Works has a diversified
group of manufacturers on site from
Concrete to Steel.

Smith Mill Works manufacturers on site use modern and prehistory tools from many different types of building materials and other natural materials.

Smith Mill Works energy usage is wind through Arcadia Energy and has offset the equivalent of 150 tons of CO2.

Our growers and tenants service well over 400 households and 60 restaurants on a weekly basis in the Asheville area.

Smith Mill Works has created over 50,000 square feet of greenhouse space into production without building a building.

Carolina Pratt Building Blocks

Carolina Pratt is serious about manufacturing the world’s best wooden blocks for your children to play, build, learn and imagine.

Concrete by Josh

More to come

Surly Anvil

Where old world armour comes to life in the way it was meant to be created… coal forge, fire, and shaped with hammers, stakes, and of course, the anvil.

Triple D Productions

Specializes in growing using the best of hydroponics, aquaponics and soil-based techniques to raise edible flowers, seasonal produce and microgreens.

Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles

Builders of custom adventure vehicles to enhance your outdoor lifestyle, using sustainable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

Nutty Buddy Collective

An agricultural business working with community partners to bring native crops to local tables at an economically viable scale, in an ecologically viable way.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

“We have reduced Mother Earth Produce’s carbon footprint by acquiring lettuce mix
in the winter here locally vs. from California, over 2400 miles away.”
– Michael Klatt, President Smith Mill Works

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